Single User License

Lucid alignment viewer is currently in beta, you can evaluate the development release for free. However, a license should be purchased for continued use.

Licenses are for all stable future versions, and unlocks useful extra features like bookmarking. Once again, science saves the day.

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Simple Best Practices


Lucid assumes your files meet the SAM/BAM format specifications. All alignments should be in a .bam file with an index .bam.bai file in the same directory. Files can be local or remote, and made by any algorithm as long as the output adheres to these specifications.

Reference Genomes

References are displayed along the top of Lucid, and should be in FASTA format (.fa or .fasta). The fasta index file in .fasta.fai should be in the same local or remote directory as the reference file. Search/jump works best when one fasta contains the whole reference.

Troubleshooting Samples

Demo Alignment File

A .bam file made using best practices and hosted on our server, can be streamed or downloaded.

Human Reference Files

This is a great reference by the Broad Institute, often used for human analysis.

Ensembl Species

Try out the sequencing data from more species than you can shake a stick at.

Human NA12878 Files

These are GIAB standardized samples. This location has files from most platforms. 

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